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Pcb Capabilities

Mechanical cleaning and deburring by brushing machines with dryers - 2 Nos.

Fully equipped photographic shop for complete control of master artwork, films & diazo.

Hot Air leveling (HAL) on SMOBC: Size: 600mm x 400mm.

Transfer of image by exposure machines - 3 Nos.

Semi - automatic plating plant for through-hole plating (PTH) and tin plating.

Automatic conveyorised equipment for developing - 2 No.

Automatic conveyorised equipments for Etching operations: 2 Nos.

CNC Drilling / Routing Machines
  • Single spindle Machine : Size 600 mm X 450 mm
  • Double Spindle Machine : Size 450 mm X 350 mm

Screen stretching pneumatic clamps for making screens for printing.

Screen Exposures: 2 Nos

Automatic conveyorised UV Curing machine for UV ink curing.

Test equipments for checking of P.C.B' s.

Bare Board Testing (BBT) Machine.

CAD / CAM Station for Processing of Gerber data, AutoCAD, Postscripts, CorelDraw files and many more